5 reasons to use door-to-door transportation

Door-to-door transportation is a dream of tourists that want for luxury car’s service, pre-determined rates, facility to book, comfort and safety - all kind of necessary elements to have a best Miami travel. There are so many advantages at door-to-door transportation by One Way Vip that just crazy people do not sign it!

1# Luxury car service: The big plus point is to hire drivers who drive the most luxurious cars in the world to make Miami paths. Customers have tours at a private environment. Limousines, sedans and SUVs executive type, all able to take the family, friends or co-workers with maximum comfort.

2# Pre-determined rates: There is no rolling meter in the One Way Vip door-to-doo...


How much to tip for driver?

Tip for drive

Value to tip for driver depends of the quality service and another explains like money available, productivity, promotions by agencies, coupons, reliability and other things. Helping you with the dilemma we made this article with clues that show how much to tip for driver. Pay attention of all indications.

How much to tip for driver: The indications

Tip for drive depends of productivity! In the land of Uncle Sam is no exaggeration to say time is Money. Betters limo services must have necessary resources for corporate client works on the way to the airport. Another interesting point in the production aspect is the large luggage space transported quickly.

Another thing that has influ...


Why people prefer driver service to round trip to mall?

In practice, there are many reasons just because people choose driver services to round trip Mall. Into this type of serving, you can go back and forth at hotel without any problems and make secure purchases, with minus worry about packages that be stored in the car while tourists enjoy trip. Below, there are 5 points that explain because has increased the number of tourists soliciting chauffeur services to round trip Mall in Miami.

1# Round trip Mall - choices: People that prefer driver service to go shopping has increased because chauffeur knows localization of the best shopping centres. Some example in Miami: Ball Harbor Mall, Aventura Mall, Dolphin Mall, Miracle Mile and Sawgrass Mills.



Use of technology for transportation companies

Technology for transportation companies

Technology for transportation companies are kinds of things that worth for who is in search of modern travel at Miami. Now you can meet six advantages to use technology for transportation companies

1. Time information Technology for transportation companies bring better team information to customers. With applications in the car it is possible know about traffic conditions and therefore get faster at the destination. Drivers need to have maximum technology and increase life easier for passengers.

2. Use of Ipad Using Apple's mobile apps, passengers can even mirror everything on the car monitor screen, thus providing greater field of view to everyone at th...


Cars for Chauffeurs

Type of cars for chauffeurs

Did you already think how many types of cars for chauffeurs are at Miami? Tourists need know this detail to perform the best choice and get cost-effective; after all, the vehicles feature different size and passenger’s capacity. This article shows the better types of cars for chauffeurs, all options available on One Way Vip.

Best type of cars for chauffeurs: 07 options

Sedans (fit 03 passengers and 03 luggage): Better option for a smaller car. Type of vehicle to the executive public not delay the business in any part of Miami.

SUV (fit 04 passengers and 07 luggage): That is great for escalade, navigator and suburban. Personal that wants to follow the OFFROAD...


Do you need transfer in Miami?

Transfer in Miami
As well as Florida increase numbers of tourists also raise the need of transfer in Miami. This service is the best way to enjoy region once there are long distance between hotels and main shows places. However, some people do not know how it is work. So, this article shows all about transfer in Miami with transportation private car.

Transfer in Miami: Transportation private car services

Transfer in Miami needs the best services all around, One Way Vip. In these servicing, customers have available varieties cars (Limousine, SUV, Sedan, etc.) of the best brands, with chauffeur who speaks multiple languages and works as a kind of guide on the main sights of Miami. All the private...


How to make limo reservation? How to book limo service?

Limo services
Much of the public elite in Miami has sought limo services. In this serving, passengers can follow the different places of region at the highest style, as well as requires glamor inherent at this prestigious Florida’s part. Below you see how to apply the best limo services in Miami - by One Way VIP.

Limo services: Site
The simplest way to book limo services is on website. On any computer, it is possible contact the call center and remove doubts. All this without knowing fluent English, after all, the One Way VIP team has attendants who also speak Portuguese or Spanish fluently too.
In the working days, netizens get the answer almost immediately, whether on chat or contact via...


All kind of Transportation in Miami

Transportation from Miami airport
Have you looked for transportation from Miami airport? Have you known how many transports are over there? You must be able to choice a better option once you are in search of bargains, luxury or red carpet treatment. Car services (Limousine, sedans, Suvs), cab and shouttle seem to be principal choices. In this text, you can see the difference of these options.

Transportation from Miami airport: Limousine services (Sedans, Suvs and Sedan)
There is no doubt! The best transportation from Miami airport are limousine services. With this type of special attendance, you may have the maximum exclusivity, whether in individual journey or groups tours. A key advantage is...


How to get a driver in Miami?

Driver in miami
Just as in other parts of the planet, finding reliable driver in Miami might be hard, primary when considering the wide amount of offers and insecurity’s problems, which are also presents in areas considered first world. However, following these basic steps you can find the best types of reliable motorist. In sequence, the reader may learn tips about how to search a reliable driver in Miami.

How to search a reliable driver in Miami?
1# Clothing: Driver in Miami needs impeccable clothes for the formal aspect, after all, this is an indication that the professional works for some private company. Stamped name in jacket pocket seems to be other important detail.
2# Availabilit...